For washing the outside of your home, there is no better tool than a pressure washing machine.

A skilled technician can pressure wash your home’s concrete surfaces, wooden decks and fences, the vinyl siding of your home, and even your roof! The possibilities are endless, but how does a pressure washing company do it?

Pressure washing machines have two settings: temperature and PSI.

The temperature is pretty self-explanatory: hotter water means more effective washing. But be very careful since the water can get to extremely high temperatures, which can cause injury to people as well as damage your property.

PSI stands for pounds per square inch. This is a measure of pressure. Generally speaking, the higher the pressure, the more effective the washer is at removing deeply set-in stains. However, a skilled pressure washing company will know how much pressure is really needed so that they don’t cause pockmarks by eroding your property. Not to mention that too high of a pressure may result in an unexpected flight, making for a great YouTube video, but a bad experience if it causes bodily harm.

As you can tell, a pressure washer is a great tool, but knowing how to use it effectively on different parts of your home is hard. So call the experts at DriMasters to get their help with pressure washing your home today!