Short answer: Yes.

We know what your thinking, you stand on your carpet every single day and observe the amount of wear and tear you bring to those fibers on a daily basis. You vacuum your carpet often and believe you are removing all the grim and dirt stowing within every square inch throughout your home or office. The truth is, vacuuming isn’t enough.

Now, you can rent a commercial carpet cleaning at the store which has tons of product reviews stating how awesome and reliable the cleaning system is, but are you the expert on how to clean your specific type of carpet? Probably not.

By hiring a professional carpet cleaner. they understand that some carpet is rougher in texture than others and requires different attention to fully sanitize. The average joe might attempt to remove a stain and use the wrong type of cleaning and end up doing more harm than good. A professional carpet cleaner has the knowledge to properly disinfect the carpet that fills up your home and where your children play.

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Your carpets will thank you.