Every year, once fall rolls around, countless homes across the nation will have to protect the occupants living inside as temperatures drop. Newer homes will more likely keep those who live inside comfortable for the next several months. On the downside, millions of families will have to prepare for the winter’s cold by prepping their properties accordingly. Many will toss salt on their concrete walkways and drip water from their faucets to keep their pipes from freezing over. But what about their rooftops? To maximize your rooftops inspect the following:

  • Inspect and replace torn or broken shingles
  • Clean out your gutters
  • Look out for places where pests like raccoons and birds who are looking for a warm place to burrow and nest.
  • Inspect and replace caulking.
  • Trim those tree limbs that are handing over your roof.

As soon as you can inspect your roof, the sooner you can diagnose any issues that might affect your winter-wonderland experience. The last thing you want this or any winter season is to have to spend thousands of dollars on rooftop repair later on. For more information, contact the professionals at Dri-Masters for your exterior home cleaning needs.