Winter is coming and depending on what area of the world that you live in, that also means that snow is on its way. When it comes to cold weather and snow, in particular, many people do not think much about how much damage snow can do to their carpets. Taking extra precautions and keeping a small rug in front of the door in order to wipe off those snow boots and shoes can go a long way in helping to save your carpet.

When it comes to the winter season, snow on shoes is not the only issue when it comes to what might be ruining your carpet. When your kids come in from sledding and leave their wet clothes on the rug, that water can seep in and cause mold under the carpet. When the carpet is wet for a long period of time it can cause many issues.

Another way that snow and ice are ruining your carpet is one that you might not think about. When it is icy outside, people put down salt on the sidewalks and walkways. This salt ends up on your shoes and then comes into your home.

This salt can damage the fibers of the carpet, cause stains, and even discolor them.