Your sofa is probably your favorite piece of furniture in your house where you go to relax. Anything that you use on a regular basis is bound to get dirty eventually. Unlike clothing, furniture needs special care when it comes time for cleaning. If your furniture has collected some stains or foul odors, it is best to leave the cleaning to the professionals. Upholstery cleaning is much harder than you can imagine, which is why it takes training, skill, and of course the right products to get the job done.

Why Should You Hire A Professional For Your Upholstery?

There are so many types of materials in our home, and each has its own set of instructions for cleaning. Your hardwood floors have to be cleaned one way, while the tile in the bathroom has to be cleaned a different way, the same goes for your upholstery. When it comes to upholstery, there is yet another set of complex cleaning options that depend on the type of material used. Most over-the-counter upholstery cleaning products are not targeted for delicate fabrics, but rather for common cotton or wool furniture that doesn’t have unquiet coloring. If you apply the wrong cleaning solvents to the fabric, you can end up with stains or worse damage that is impossible to repair.

Working With Professional Upholstery Cleaning Companies

A professional upholstery cleaner will always provide you with the right type of cleaning for your specific fabrics. Local cleaners often work out cheaper than large chains, so keep that in mind when researching furniture cleaning for your home. This is primarily because larger chains tend to charge more simply because of their brand name. A local cleaner, on the other hand, will charge you a very fair price. What’s more, since the cleaner is located close to your home, you can significantly cut down on delivery charges. Also, local cleaners may often give special discounts to people in their metro area. Often, a professional cleaner will also let you watch while your upholstery’s being cleaned and even give you tips on getting rid of stains on the fly.

Keeping Your Furniture Clean Between Professional Visits

Spills happen anytime, more often when you have children or pets. While some things are harder to get out of fabric, when addressed quickly, the task is much easier. Even if you don’t have spills, regular use can soil any fabric. Professional cleaning offers a wide selection of furniture care options to keep your upholstery in top form, but in-between visits, there are ways you can keep your fabric looking bright and smelling fresh.
Furniture is made out of a variety of materials; each type has a specific guide to follow in terms of regular care.

The first step in cleaning your fabric upholstery is to vacuum it thoroughly. This allows dust and other foreign particles to be removed prior to adding cleaning solvents. Remember to remove all pillows and cushions as well as use a fitted attachment to suck the dirt out of the creases. If you have pets, you may need to go over your fabric upholstery with a pet hair remover since vacuuming alone won’t remove the dander.
When you spill something wet on your fabric upholstery, make sure to blot it with paper towels or an absorbent cloth before it has a chance to sink into the fabric and cause unsightly stains.

  • Use a damp cloth to rinse the area
  • Place under a fan to speed the drying process
  • Use a clean cotton cloth to massage the upholstery cleaner into the fabric
  • Use a flat spatula or plastic scraper to remove the soiled liquid

There are several types of cleansers available; the one you choose depends mainly on the type of fabric and the type of dirt on the fabric. For antique pieces, you should always seek professional help. Just like clothing, the fabric upholstery is labeled with a care tag, that tag provides information about what is safe to use and what will harm the fabric.

The Advantages Of Professional Upholstery Cleaning

The main benefit to having your furniture professionally cleaned is that you will be able to get rid of stubborn stains from the fabric. Instead of trying to hide discoloration under craftily placed covers or pillows, you can clean your furniture to restore its natural beauty. The next thing you’ll notice is the smell, or rather the lack thereof. Furniture tends to accumulate odors over time, and since you can toss your couch in the washing machine, they can add up and even become overwhelming. A professional cleaning service will not only get rid of stains, but it will also refresh your fabric and rid it of odors that have been baked in overtime.