There’s more to carpets and carpet cleaning than first meets the eye. Yes, it may seem simple enough—just buy a vacuum from the store, or put a brush and some soap to the ground and call it a day, right? No, no, no. Not at all right.


Carpet cleaning goes far beyond a basic run-through with your vacuum cleaner every once in a while. And it’s much more than maintaining a pristine appearance to contribute to the overall aesthetic of your beautiful home. Because like beauty, true cleanliness runs deep— not just at the surface.


Here are 2 myths you may have heard about carpet cleaning that we’re debunking.


1. Cleaning your carpet is all about the aesthetics related to dirt removal, nothing else.


Not true, not true at all. It’s common knowledge that the world outside of our homes is full of bacteria, pollutants, pollens, fungus, and so many other dirty and disgusting toxins. An unavoidable reality of this world is that we absorb a lot of these substances as we move about through our day. We end up carrying these various chemicals and germs on our clothing, shoes, skin, and in our hair.


Unfortunately, when we come back home after our long day of working, errand-running, or whatever event or activity that’s pulled us away from home; we bring all that dirt and grime with us to settle into our carpets. This is especially bad for anyone in your home who has asthma, allergies, or any general respiratory problems.


And really, it doesn’t even matter if we take a shower as soon as we walk in the door— those minutes of walking from the front door, through the living room, maybe even upstairs, to your room, and finally to the bathroom are all opportunities for the icky particles you’re carrying to disperse on all your surfaces.


It’s important to clean your carpet for your family’s health and overall well-being.


2. You should try and put off getting your carpet professionally cleaned for as long as possible.


Absolutely not. Dirt doesn’t just smudge or discolor your carpet. Like sandpaper, it’s an abrasive.


With every step you take across your carpet, you’re essentially grinding dirt deep into the fibers of the carpet. As this grinding happens, an intense friction is created that ends up cutting your carpet— yes, cutting your carpet in as similar a fashion as putting a knife to the fibers.


Sure, vacuuming helps with this gradual process— but only to a certain extent. It’s imperative that you hire a professional to clean your carpet sooner than later to avoid irreparable damage to its fibers.