The day you get a hole in your roof is most likely going to be the worst day of your week. Maybe even the month! The cleanup costs, repair costs, and all the different paperwork headaches headed your way after your roof springs a leak can all be avoided by one single task: Cleaning!


With roof cleaning services from DriMasters, you can prevent leaks in your roof! How?


Roof cleaning removes organic buildup like moss and mold that can weaken your roof and build up moisture. Moisture will seep into the structure of your home, causing rot, black mold, and termites which lead to… you guessed it: a hole in your roof.


By blasting the mold, dirt, and water puddles off your roof with soft-washing services from DriMasters, you will protect the integrity of your roof, reduce built-up moisture, and reduce the stress you would feel if you had a poorly maintained roof just topple to the ground.


For a comprehensive cleaning of your home’s exterior, from the roof to the siding to the driveway, contact DriMasters today! Our affordable cleaning services keep your home in tip-top shape for less.


What can you do if a hole in your roof does sprout?


Do not try to patch it manually with no experience. You can of course cover it with a sheet or some kind of light surface to avoid damage to the interior. However, do not attempt to fully patch it. Professional assistance is necessary at that point.


To start, find a bucket in case of any leaks or debris that comes down. Holes often sprout due to water damage, which can be encumbering for the average home. Be aware of this and try your best to avoid letting it soak into the floorboards or create further damage.


Clear off any debris that is lingering on. These easily can fall and cause injury, especially any sharp wood or nails. Flattening off the surface to create a consistency and smoothness will allow you to clean it more easily. Use small tools to scrape the edges and try your best to be as precise as possible.


Plywood patch- although it was previously stated not to patch the hole, this is a temporary fix option. You can use plywood with some kind of adhesive or nails to keep the hole from damaging the interior. Don’t count on this long term, but this should be stable for a few days at the least.